Here’s How To Get Your Vitamins From Food Instead Of A Bottle

Summary of this link

VITAMIN A:sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, baby carrots(do they have to be baby?…why not regular carrots?Lol)

VITAMIN B6: yellowfin tuna, brown rice, chicken breast.

VITAMIN C: Bell peppers, strawberries, oranges

VITAMIN E: Avocado, almonds, spinach

VITAMIN K: Brussel sprouts, kale, basil.

CALCIUM:Greek yogurt, fresh mozzarella, collard greens.

FOLATE: Black eyed peas,asparagus, chickpeas

IRON: Dark chocolate, chuck beef, lentils.

MAGNESIUM: Swiss chard,cashews, black beans

POTASSIUM: Russet potato, prunes, sun dried tomato.

ZINC: Shrimp, peanuts, sirloin steak



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